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"Overall, Anticipate is a great read with excellent insight and if you adopt and apply even a few of the techniques here, your career and leadership potential should grow dramatically.

A book to read annually!"

"a book with incredibly useful content and a set of ideas that can help everyone understand The Art of Leading By Looking Ahead. "

"The greatest advantage of de Jong’s work are its concrete ideas and careful planning for getting through the oft-murky and buzzword-laden waters of business leadership."

"In my opinion this book succeeds in breaking down the visioning process into achievable steps. It won’t turn you into an inspiring orator overnight, but it will give you a manageable path for finding, capturing, embodying and communicating a vision for your organization or cause."

"Rob-Jan de Jong draws on extensive research offering practical guidance and concrete techniques to help any leader become more visionary.”

“…takes the concept of the ‘visionary’ off its pedestal, and puts it on a level that’s accessible for everyone.” 

"A Groundbreaking Guide To Developing Visionary Capacity"

"getAbstract recommends this intriguing guide to the use of vision to leaders and to those who want to lead."