Meet the Speaker

I speak and teach on various topics related to my field of interest: behavioral strategy. In my sessions, I bring together strategy and psychology. After all, strategy, visioning, decision-making, and innovation is done by humans and led by leaders. These human dynamics have a profound impact on the quality of the process.

Speaking engagements typically vary from full or half-day interactive workshop sessions to one-hour keynotes. 

Workshops (Full day/half day)

Workshops can follow standard or tailored designs, and are based on our work in leadership, visioning, strategy, innovation, creativity, influence, and decision-making. 

All workshops are very interactive and practical. Participants leave with not only an increased understanding and awareness of the themes involved, but also with pragmatic ideas they can immediately integrate into their daily leadership practice.

Standard workshop modules are listed under  Speaking – Workshops.

Also check out the  Speaking – Praise page to get a sense of how these sessions are experienced.

Key Notes

Popular key notes focus on:

  • How to develop your visionary capacity as a leader and learn the art of anticipation;
  • FuturePriming – a novel and effective way to create foresight;
  • The differences between visionaries and narcissists;
  • Visionary communication: how to develop a story that ignites your followers;
  • Influence: how to achieve your goals by understanding the psychology of persuasion;
  • Strategic decision-making: how to be the guardian of a responsible decision process;
  • Inspirational leadership: How to embrace the future as a leader;
  • How do you create a visionary, future-oriented company culture.