Meet the Strategist

Clients turn to me to help them envision the future of their organization or teams. In my role as strategic advisor, I strongly believe that the organization or the (senior) team knows much more about the future of their business or industry than any outside consultant possibly could. The expertise I bring helps unlock this knowledge, unlock their imagination, and unlock the abilities necessary to envision the big picture. 

The processes I provide are our proprietary processes, such as FutureFacts, FuturePriming, and Assumption Bowling, as well as public processes such as Scenario Planning, Dilemma Reconciliation, Blue Ocean, and a variety of strategic tools and frameworks that fit the structure of the desired conversation.

My focus on a smart, strategic process makes clients owners of their own destiny and, additionally, makes them feel more compelled and motivated by the end result and the implications it has for their roles in the organization.

Interventions typically follow a structure of workshops and strategy sessions in which we blend leadership development themes. After all, the team members should not only visualize the future, but also assume their role as a leader in realizing this vision. Both objectives get combined in the approaches I bring to the organization.